Do your feet, ankles, or heels hurt every day, and you don’t know the cause of that pain? The experienced podiatrists at Century Medical Center can help you.

It is normal for some parts of our body to start malfunctioning as the years go by. Our arms, legs, knees, and of course, our feet are a vital part of our body, but we tend to forget about that when we should give them proper care.

At Century Medical Center, you will find the most experienced doctors in the field ready to provide high-quality care and professional treatment for foot, ankle, and leg disorders and get you feeling much better.

We are service-oriented, and along with extensive training, we create a patient-centered environment that meets the highest standards of efficiency and organization.

Pathologies and Conditions We treat

There isn’t a condition or pathology that our specialist won’t treat. At Century Medical Center, we offer quality and compassionate health care techniques to treat a wide range of foot disorders. Some of the conditions we treated are:

● Mycosis and other infections
● Ingrown nails
● Plantar fasciitis (heel pain)
● Diabetic foot problems
● Ulcers and wounds on the feet
● Sprains

Diagnostic tests & Methods

If you have diabetes, you can also get a free, comprehensive diabetic foot exam. Our mission is to help you stay healthy and prevent problems before they happen.

Your diabetic foot exam includes:

● Examination of proper shoe fit. We perform a check-up to ensure that your footwear is an appropriate fit. We check that the shoes do not have an uneven fit and that there are no other problems.
● Dermatological examination. We check the skin and nails of the feet.
● Musculoskeletal exam. We check the joints and bones.
● Neurological examination. The podiatrist uses special equipment to test for loss of sensation or numbness in the feet.
● Artery examination. The podiatrist checks the arteries and circulation.

Treatment options

Many foot conditions are treated in our Medical Center. The experienced specialist on podiatry will help you choose the best treatments. Your treatment options at Century Medical Center are:

● Medications
● Physiotherapy
● Stretching exercises
● Injections
● Orthotics (insoles for shoes and other devices for your feet)
● Wound care
● Surgery

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