Pharmacy Services

Comply with the treatment and take your medicines, is a vital part of your recovery. Often your recovery can be affected because of the inefficiency of local pharmacies; that’s why we had come up with the solution to that problem. At Century Medical Center, we will fill you with all the prescript drugs your primary care doctor has recommended for you.

On-site pharmacy and Free Delivery

Your time is as important to us as it is to you, and for that reason, the wait time in our medical center is close to none. There’s a pharmacy inside at each of our centers, making it a lot easier for you to retrieve your prescriptions. All your doctor has to do is send the order electronically, and we will take care of it. He can do that during your appointment, and when your appointment finishes, you can pick up your medicine right away.

We also offer free delivery. If, for any reason, you are not available to pick up your medicines yourself, don’t worry, we will bring them to your home at no cost. We will contact you to organize the delivery of your drugs correctly. Our goal is to help you get heald quickly, so we take your order on the same day.

We Take Care of You

The medical personal at Century Medical Center are aware of your medical records; our pharmacists can see your medical history. This allows them to know what you’re allergic to and what other medicines you take to help you avoid any adverse reactions to the drugs you’re prescript.

We put all of this into motion to help you keep healthy and safe.
Since this whole procedure is under one roof, it’s easier for us to communicate with each other about what you need. That means you get fast and accurate prescriptions.

24/7 Customer Service

Any questions or doubts about how we’re handling your prescriptions or just about the whole process, you can contact us. Our customer service is fully operational and works 24/7, so your call will be attending it, and your questions answered.

Saving Money at Century Medical Center

You can save money in our pharmacies. As a patient, we can provide with many drugs at a lower price.

At Century Medical Center, we try to take care of our patients in every aspect they need. We acknowledged how hard it could be for some of our patients to afford the services that are supposed to save his life. This is why we try not to be part of the problem; instead, we are part of the solution.

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