Laboratory tests are often part of a routine exam to detect changes in your health. They also help doctors diagnose clinical pictures, plan or evaluate treatments, and control diseases.

Laboratory tests examine samples of blood, urine, or body tissue. The samples are analyzed by a technician or doctor to determine if the results are within normal limits. Analyzes use a range of values because what is considered normal varies from person to person. Many factors affect the results of the analyzes. Among them:

• Sex, age and race
• What you eat and what you drink
• The medicines you take
• Following instructions before analysis

Older people need to have frequent exams, which allow constant monitoring of their health since they are more vulnerable to developing diseases.

At Century Medical Center, we offer you the best Diagnostic Study and Laboratory service, which has the most advanced technology equipment available on the market.

We know that the health of the elderly is of utmost importance for the family, so we want to offer you the best care so that you can feel safe and calm because you are in good hands.

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