Gynecology is the medical specialty responsible for the organs of the female genital tract (eggs, uterus, and vagina). The gynecologist not only performs the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological pathologies but also carries out regular check-ups as a preventive method.

In consultation, the gynecologist will be in charge of carrying out the examination and collecting the necessary samples for tests, such as vaginal cytology.

When going to the consultation, the patient can also solve all those doubts that arise regarding her sexuality, and intimate organs.

Visits should be made annually to prevent pathologies of the female reproductive system. Even so, if between both annual check-ups, the patient feels abnormalities or changes such as irritation, itching, or bleeding, she should immediately go to the gynecologist.

Pathologies and Conditions We treat

• Menopause
• Endometriosis
• Polycystic ovaries
• Breast pathologies
•Uterine myoma
• vulvovaginitis
•Cervical cancer
• Breast cancer
• Vaginal Cancer

Diagnostic tests & Methods

Our Gynecology service is integrated with a team of highly trained gynecologist specialists with recognized professional careers.

We attend the gynecological health of women in terms of prevention and treatment. We offer comprehensive care in one place, with state-of-the-art technology, qualified technical and operational personnel to guide you and serve you efficiently.

Having the right equipment is essential for the proper functioning of our office. Thus we increase the number of treatment options we offer to our patients while increasing their satisfaction and well-being.

– Latest generation ultrasound equipment
– Laser equipment to treat vaginal problems
– Ablation equipment

Treatment options

Effective treatment depends on the cause of gynecological pathology. In our gynecology service you will find a complete range of services:

1. Comprehensive gynecological exam
2. Research and treatment of cervical lesions
3. Pelvic and Transvaginal Ecosonography
4. Gynecological surgery
5. Menopause, osteoporosis: prevention and treatment
6. Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy
7. Gynecological laparoscopy
9. Minimally invasive surgeries

It is necessary to consult a professional to determine the exact cause of the health problem to obtain the best treatment for each case and rule out any other related pathology. So if you are having gynecological problems, we want to help you.

With our team of highly qualified doctors, our multidisciplinary approach, and the use of the latest technology equipment, we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis to implement the effective treatment for each pathology.

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