Dental Care

As people get older, caring for your teeth and oral health becomes even more important. A widespread misconception is that it is inevitable to lose your teeth. It is not true. If cared for properly, teeth can last a lifetime.

Everyone needs a dentist to feel comfortable, someone to treat you like family while caring for their smile and teeth.

Century Medical Center is here to provide you with the best dental care you’ve been looking for. Our professionals are highly trained to meet all your needs so you can achieve your dental goals in a pleasant and fast way.

Our Medical Center is dedicated to giving you safe and comfortable dentistry attention that exceeds your expectations. We can offer you the latest equipment in dental care, combined with proven techniques.

We offer top-quality care in a pleasant atmosphere. We make sure that each patient understands each of the available treatment options so that you can make the right decision about your appearance and health.

Pathologies and Conditions We treat

Our specialists will perform a complete dental examination, to determine the problem you are suffering from as well as the best treatment to suit your needs.

At Century Medical Center, we treat all dental problems as:

● Dental diseases
● Tooth decay
● Periodontal (gum) disease
● Total or partial loss of teeth
● Diagnosis and treatment of pre-cancer and oral cancer

Diagnostic tests & Methods

We have the most advanced technology meeting the standards of the American Dental Association (ADA) to give you and your loved ones the proper care you deserve.

Our equipment includes the following:

● Fast and precise digital X-rays
● Sterilized dental instruments
● High-quality dental restoration products
● High-quality denture supplies
● CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing software for three-dimensional images of your dentures)
● PANO high-tech machine (panoramic dental imaging)
● High-speed, low-noise power tools
● New endodontic rotating handpiece (for root canal treatments)

Treatment options

To us, our patients are our family. That’s why our specialist takes time to get to know you, ensuring your treatment is custom-tailored to your situation.

Among the treatment options we have available for you are:

● Dental restoration
● Periodontal (gum) cleaning
● Root canal treatments
● Extractions
● Crowns
● Bridges
● Total and partial dentures

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