Hearing is one of our basic but essential senses from the beginning of life. Having a good hearing is necessary for language learning and development as our primary means of communication. Unfortunately, every day more hearing problems occur in people of all ages. An increase in these conditions has been observed in the USA due to the frequent use of hearing aids.

Auditory degeneration is commonly related to age. However, it is not the only factor. The sonic contamination to which it is exposed in homes, public places, and workplaces, is also causing damage to people’s hearing.

The goal of our audiology service is to detect hearing loss as early as possible, to allow people to reach their full potential.

In our audiology service, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensively address each case, to treat the main disease, but also to correct and alleviate the side effects of hearing loss.

Pathologies and Conditions We treat

• Hearing loss: Pathology of the ear that produces partial deafness or a pronounced hearing loss.
• Presbycusis: Age-related hearing loss
• Méniére’s disease: Pathology that occurs when the fluid in the labyrinths, located in the inner ear, exerts too high a pressure. It causes the person to experience loss of balance or annoying vertigo.
• Tympanosclerosis: Pathology that occurs as a consequence of periods of inflammation in the middle ear, causing mild or severe hearing loss.
• Tinnitus: Pathology better known as ringing in the ears.

Diagnostic tests & Methods

Our comprehensive audiology service includes a hearing evaluation carried out by specialist audiologists with advanced digital equipment that allows us to measure the levels of sound reception (how much and how we are listening) and determine if there is a hearing loss.

a) Diagnostic hearing evaluations
– Otoacoustic Emissions Assessment (OAE)
– Behavioral hearing tests
– Impedance
– Speech Audiometry
b) Auditory response evaluations of the brainstem
c) Assessments of auditory processing disorder

Treatment options

Effective treatment depends on the cause of the hearing loss. Various types of treatment may include the use of private hearing aids, devices that mask noise, among others.

It is necessary to consult a professional to determine the exact cause of the hearing loss to obtain the best treatment for each case and rule out any other related pathology. So if you are having hearing problems, we want to help you.

With our team of highly qualified doctors, our multidisciplinary approach, and the use of the latest technology equipment, we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis to implement the effective treatment for each pathology.

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