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The goal of our audiology service is to detect hearing loss as early as possible, to allow people to reach their full potential.

In our audiology service, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensively address each case, to treat the main disease, but also to correct and alleviate the side effects of hearing loss.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. It is for this reason that our cardiology service focuses on preventing these diseases in healthy people, but also on diagnosing the disease when it is already present.

Through our cardiology medical service, Century Medical center offers you the best cardiology specialists and various diagnostic tests to determine your cardiovascular health and detect the presence of risk factors.

At Century Medical Center, our goal is to help improve the quality of life of each person through chiropractic care and raise awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy spine because of the influence they have on our bodies.

Health is the first thing we have to invest in since we obviously cannot do without it. That is why we help our patients to achieve a healthier, happier, and more active life.

Thanks to dermatology, we can improve the appearance of the skin and correct the unsightly elements produced by different factors.

Century Medical Center has a team of excellent professionals. They are ready at all times to meet your needs and emergencies by providing a high-quality service with the highest levels of demand in the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment as far as skin diseases are concerned.

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of the physiology and pathology of the endocrine system, the metabolism of nutritional substances, and the promotion of health through the prevention of diseases related to the endocrine system.

In our endocrinology service, we offer you the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques; and preventive, therapeutic techniques to provide you with the best medical care. In addition, together with our team of highly qualified doctors, we provide an accurate and timely diagnosis that helps avoid health complications and obtain the best results.

Many people suffer from digestive diseases. These diseases can affect adults or children, and their consequences can be exhausting.

At Century Medical Center, our Gastroenterology service has managed to gather a team of Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists, as well as highly qualified paramedical personnel who, together with the constant renewal of our equipment, guarantee optimal care for our patients.

Gynecology is the medical specialty responsible for the organs of the female genital tract (eggs, uterus, and vagina). The gynecologist not only performs the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological pathologies but also carries out regular check-ups as a preventive method.

In consultation, the gynecologist will be in charge of carrying out the examination and collecting the necessary samples for tests, such as vaginal cytology.

Urinary, kidney, or bladder problems are very common as we get older. Many of these problems can be treated. That’s why Century Medical Center offers you the most advanced treatments for general urological conditions and urological cancer. At our Medical Center, you will find all the care you need in a relaxed and supportive environment.

We currently have doctors who have specialized in different areas of urology to offer the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the urinary system, both in men and women.

Every day thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer around the world, and we know that it can be frightening because of all the consequences that this disease brings with it.

At Century Medical Center, we do everything we can to help you feel better while making you feel special. Our services are guided by parameters of excellence, focused on the needs of the patient, with guarantees of safety, comfort, respect, and competitive costs.

Aging is something that affects almost every part of our body, including our eyes. That’s why it’s common to see a decline in our vision as we age. But it doesn’t necessarily indicate that our eyes have developed a disease.

When it comes to eye care, Century Medical Center offers its services. We make sure that you are taken care of immediately. Patient satisfaction is our most important goal. For this reason, we take great care of every detail and continuously train all our staff in order to provide you with the best-personalized attention you deserve.

Century Medical Center offers specialized care for orthopedic cases. We focus on a wide range of orthopedic injury treatment.

We treat everything related to injuries of the foot, ankle, knee, wrist, spine, and shoulder, as well as blows, violent concussions, and wounds.

We have the most advanced medical equipment in the industry and a group of highly trained experts.

Century Medical Center offers specialized care for orthopedic cases. We focus on a wide range of orthopedic injury treatment.

We treat everything related to injuries of the foot, ankle, knee, wrist, spine, and shoulder, as well as blows, violent concussions, and wounds.

We have the most advanced medical equipment in the industry and a group of highly trained experts.

Your Kidneys are a vital part of our body, one of the most important organs. They’re in charge of removing waste products from your blood, producing the hormones that help to keep your bones healthy and to control your blood.

This is why it is so essential that you receive the proper care and attention to such an important part of your body. At Century Medical Center, we want to assure you that you have the right care to keep your kidneys working healthy, in our Medical Center all treatments, equipment, and personal elaborate an elite work in that way guaranteeing your health and the best attention you can get.

If you have ever experienced or if at this moment you are experiencing breathing difficulties at Century Medical Center, you will not have to wait for answers. There are pulmonologists and contracted specialists available, to answer all your questions.

At Century Medical Center, you receive integrated care. Our pulmonology team works closely with specialists in other health departments so that you can get complete pulmonary care in one facility with the highest level of attention.

Problems of the throat, nose, ear, and neck are very common in persons of all ages, and many of these problems can cause pain and discomfort that can be intolerable.

At Century Medical Center, we want you to be able to live a full life without limits. You deserve to enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer in terms of tastes and smells, as well as the beautiful sounds of nature or a beautiful melody. That is why the division of Otolaryngology at Century Medical Center provides much more than medical care to patients with these problems. We offer extensive services in a variety of areas.

Do your feet, ankles, or heels hurt every day, and you don’t know the cause of that pain? The experienced podiatrists at Century Medical Center can help you.

At Century Medical Center, you will find the most experienced doctors in the field ready to provide high-quality care and professional treatment for foot, ankle, and leg disorders and get you feeling much better.

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Free Transportation & Fast Appointments

At Century Medical Center, we want to put at your disposal all the facilities and services necessary to take care of your health. For this reason, we offer our members a free transportation service to our medical center.

We have acquired several transport units that have the necessary comfort to make your trip as pleasant and comfortable as possible. In addition, our drivers are properly trained to drive the buses strictly following the rules of transit and transfer of patients to ensure your integrity.

Once you enter our medical center and receive your consultation with the doctor, we take you back to your home. At Century Medical Center, we want to accompany you every step of the way.

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Also, we know the importance of attending to all your queries on time. For that reason, we have designed the express appointment service so that each case is attended quickly and timely, minimizing the waiting times.

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