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Social Services

Guidance is provided for applications

  • Housing (Section 8)
  • Citizenship
  • Change of address on driver’s license or ID
  • American Passport Renewal
  • Safelink or Assurance Phone Plan (Granted to those who received some kind of public assistance)
  • SSI application
  • Food Stamps
  • FPL Saving Program
  • Alliance Eligibility (Long Term Care)
  • Application for additional help with medication coverage (Extra Help)
  • Application for Miami-Dade Transportation and Parking Services (STS, Permit Parking, Handicap, Bus Pass)
  • Guidance related to received postal correspondence and insurance bills
  • ID Card application for Health Sun, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and Silver Sneaker (GYM)

Home Health Care

Century Medical Center delivers health care services to your home so that you and your loved ones receive timely care regardless of the circumstances. Century’s medical professionals specialize in preventative care, treating injuries, and managing illnesses and chronic conditions. Our certified home health aides also work closely with your physician to obtain the exam orders and billing information.

We offer a range of at-home services, including:

  • X-rays
  • Podiatry
  • Laboratory testing

Medical Specialities

Our audiology service detects hearing loss as early as possible, to allow everyone to never miss a beat.

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensively diagnose and address each case, to treat the root of an issue, but also to correct and alleviate the side effects of hearing loss.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality worldwide. Our cardiology service focuses on preventing these diseases in healthy people and treating these diseases when it’s present.

Through our cardiology medical service, Century Medical Center offers patients the best cardiology specialists who perform various diagnostic tests to determine a patient’s cardiovascular health and any current or future risk factors

At Century Medical Center, our goal is to help improve the quality of life of each person and that includes chiropractic care. Chiropractic care allows patients to maintain a healthy spine that influences virtually every part of their bodies.

We provide diagnostic imagine to get a clear picture of a patient’s spine in order to identify any problem areas. Once these problem areas are defined, our chiropractors will adjust a patient’s spine and recommend some techniques patients can do at home to lessen back pain and strengthen back muscles before the next adjustment.

Thanks to dermatology, we can improve the condition of the skin and correct any unsightly elements produced by different factors.

Through the cosmetic treatments that we carry out in our clinic, doctors provide diagnoses and treatments for skin conditions and diseases with the latest methods and technology. This allows patients to receive quick and effective treatment, especially since Floridians are subjected to damaging sun rays all year round.

Endocrinological studies allow us to take a deeper look at hormones and endocrine glands. This includes the physiology of the endocrine system, pathology of the endocrine system, the metabolism of nutritional substances, and the promotion of health through the prevention of diseases related to any of these areas.

Our endocrinology service, offers patients the latest state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, preventive, and therapeutic techniques for the best medical care. Our team of highly qualified doctors provides accurate and timely diagnoses so that proper and effective treatments of any problem areas can be started immediately. We understand that any endocrine-related conditions can be difficult to live with which is why we are here to help you live the best life you can with the best medical care possible.

Many people suffer from digestive diseases or conditions without even knowing it; caulking it up to an upset stomach every once in a while. These digestive diseases or conditions can affect anyone at any stage in life, and their consequences can be exhausting.

At Century Medical Center, our Gastroenterology service is powered by state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable and experienced Gastroenterologists, Hepatologists, paramedical personnel. They provide quick diagnoses and effective treatments for our patients with digestive concerns.

Gynecology is the medical studies relating to specific functions female (both women and girl) bodily functions, often specializing in the female reproductive system (ovaries, uterus, eggs, vagina, etc). Gynecologists perform diagnosis and treatment of gynecological pathologies as well as regular check-ups as a preventive method.

During a consultation, the gynecologist will be in charge of carrying out the general examination and collecting the necessary samples for tests, such as vaginal cytology. These check-ups are often done annually but patients should consult their gynecologists as soon as possible if they feel anything out of the usual.

As we get older, urinary, kidney and bladder problems are quite common. Century Medical Center offers advanced treatments for general urological conditions and urological cancer. At Century Medical Center, patients will find all the urological care they need in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Our doctors specialize in different areas of urology and offer state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment methods and techniques of various diseases of the urinary system for every patient.

Every day thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer around the world, and we know just how frightening this disease is for patients and family members alike.

At Century Medical Center, we do everything we can to help patients get and feel better while making them feel special. Our services are guided by parameters of excellence, focused on the needs of the patient, with guarantees of safety, comfort, respect, and competitive costs.

As we age, our eyes are some of the first parts of our bodies that aging affects. That’s why it’s common to see a decline in our vision as we age. Much of the time, this doesn’t indicate a disease but just the need for glasses or a change in an existing glasses prescription.

When it comes to eye care, we make sure that patients are given the best, personalized attention they deserve. Our ophthalmology and optometry services include checkups, diagnostic tests, and various treatment methods. We provide patients who need a little help to see the proper prescription and method (whether that be glasses or contacts)so that they can clearly see and enjoy everything in front of them.

Century Medical Center orthopedic department offers specialized care for the musculoskeletal system. We focus on a wide range of orthopedic deformity and injury treatments.

Our doctors treat everything related to injuries from the foot, ankle, knee, wrist, spine, and shoulder to violent concussions, wounds, and everything in between.

Century Medical Center has the most advanced medical equipment in the industry and a group of highly trained experts to care for your orthopedic needs.

Century Medical Center provides complete and modern neurological care while remaining personal and compassionate. Our highly-trained neurologist team is up to date with the latest medical information and treatments on all things mindful.

We diagnose and treat a variety of brain disorders and nervous system conditions with the use of the latest advances the neurological medical field has to offer. Our neurologists and specialists understand the situation patients are in. Here patients will be treated with the best of care and the most professional and experienced person at their total disposal.

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body, they’re in charge of removing waste products from the blood, producing hormones that help to keep bones healthy and to control the quality of blood. This is why it is so essential that patients receive the proper care and attention to such an important part of their bodies.

At Century Medical Center, we assure patients that they have the right care to keep their kidneys continuously working healthily as time passes. At our centers, all treatments, equipment, and personal work hard together to keep patients kidneys functioning; and if they aren’t to give them treatment options to help one of the most important functions of the body.

Short of breath? Feel like you’ve run a mile after walking a few steps? Our pulmonologists and contracted specialists are here to help!

At Century Medical Center, patients receive specialized care from our pulmonology team works closely with specialists in other health departments so that they can get complete pulmonary care in one facility with the highest level of attention.

Whether it’s the common cold that’s persisted a bit too long, an ear/throat infection, or something else, our otolaryngologists are here to help! Problems of the throat, nose, ear, and neck are common at every age. Many of these problems/ conditions can cause pain and discomfort that can be treated.

At Century Medical Center, we ensure that patients are able to completely enjoy all of the tastes, sounds, and smells life has to offer. That’s why our otolaryngology department works with specialists to give patients the best care, treatments, and preventatives.

Do your feet, ankles, or heels hurt every day, and you aren’t sure what the root of the problem is? Our experienced podiatrists at Century Medical Center are here to help!

At Century Medical Center, patients will find the most experienced doctors in podiatry that are ready to provide high-quality care and professional treatment for foot, ankle, and leg conditions to get them feeling much better.

Free Transportation & Fast Appointments

At Century Medical Center, we put all the personnel, facilities, and services necessary to take care of your health at patients’ disposal. For this reason, we offer our members a free transportation service to our medical center so they can get serviced on their schedule.

Century Medical Center has several transportation units that are equipped with the necessities to make your trip as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our drivers are properly trained to transfer patients (on and off the vehicle as well as to and from the clinic) and strictly follow the rules of transit when driving the bus units to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

Once you enter Century Medical Center and receive a consultation with the doctor, our staff will take you back to your home. At Century Medical Center, we pride ourselves in being able to accompany patients every step of the way.

Speedy Scheduling

At Century Medical Center, we also know the importance of attending to all of our patient’s queries in a timely. For that reason, we have designed the express appointment service so that each case is attended quickly and timely, minimizing the waiting times.

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