About Us

Century Medical Center is one of the leading providers of medical services and cares for anyone who walks through its doors, especially older patients.

We are known for delivering fast and effective personalized attention. We treat each patient as part of our family by creating an atmosphere of respect and compassion.

Our Commitment

At Century Medical Center, our commitment is to provide excellent service in a modern and friendly healthcare environment so you can feel comfortable and safe. We are proud of our ability to exceed our patients’ expectations every time they visit our facility.

All our specialists are highly trained to offer you the best medical care you deserve. You will find a variety of medical services and care, so you can achieve your physical and mental well-being and thus improve your quality of life.

Our Facilities

The patients' satisfaction and care are the reason to constantly invest in high-end equipment, technologies, and comfort.

At Century Medical Center Miramar, you can enjoy services such as Primary Care, Cardiology, Oncology, and many more. You will have access to a vast network of specialists ready to help you at all times. It also has the latest technology for the diagnosis of diseases, laboratories, and more. We also offer free transportation and pharmacy services all in one place.

Century Medical Center Hollywood is known for its personalized attention to each patient. From the moment you walk in, our staff and the medical team will make you feel at home. You can enjoy different services such as ophthalmology, urology, orthopedics, pain management, and others. You can also enjoy free transportation, so you don’t miss any of your appointments and many other services.

6565 Taft St,
Suite # 100
Hollywood, Fl 33024

Your care is our highest priority

- We are here to make your life better -
Testimonials from our Community

  • One of the first surprises for me and my mom was that all medical procedures were performed in one place, so waiting times were shorter. I know that if I need help, they will take care of my mom.
    Melissa Williams (Patient's relative)
  • We did not know the Center, but it was the doctors, the human quality, the experience of their work, and their dedication that impressed me. All the credit for my husband's improvement is due to you.
    Andrea Fernandez (Patient's relative)
  • Thank you, Century Center, for being there for me. The care has been excellent, and I am pleased. This experience has meant a lot to me. I live on a minimal pension and would not have been able to treat myself if it had not been for you.
    George Gomez (Patient)